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Whether you own or rent, you have chosen a neighborhood that is visually appealing, friendly and has numerous resources available to enhance your lives.
The physical layout of the neighborhood has been carefully planned to include green spaces, paths, sidewalks, lighting and safe traffic patterns. Thoughtful planning has also been given to behaviors that result in establishing and maintaining a harmonious community.
As part of our welcome, we offer below in brief format some guidelines that will help maintain and enhance the neighborhood that you have chosen. These guidelines are based on existing, enforceable covenants and restrictions, Lake Oswego ordinances or statues. Where relevant, links are included should you desire additional information.

It is a violation to permit any animal to cause unreasonable noise disturbance at any time of the day or night by repeated barking, whining, or other like sounds which may be heard beyond the boundary of the owner's or keeper's property. Dogs are required to be on a leash in all public areas unless in designated off-leash parks and are not permitted to run at large, urinate or defecate on others' property.

Dog safety and complaint reporting information - LINK

Coyotes are an extremely adaptable wildlife species that survive well in urban places, including Lake Oswego. . Feeding coyotes (either directly or indirectly by keeping pet food or garbage accessible) can put yourself, your neighbors and the coyote at risk.

Coyotes and other urban wildlife - LINK

The city has regulated tree removal and mandated tree protection by local law for approximately 30 years. Anyone proposing to remove a tree over five inches in diameter is required to go through a permit process. LINK

Door To Door Solicitation
Solicitation within the City of Lake Oswego requires a business license. Both "for-profit" and "non-profit" solicitation require licensing. Residents and businesses may prohibit solicitation through the posting of a sign that conforms to the requirements of LOC 34.16.945. LOC 34.16.945 states how the sign must read, its size, and where is should be displayed. "No Solicitation" signs may be purchased from the Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce for a cost of $5.00. The Chamber is located at 459 3rd Street and the phone number is 503-636-3634.

Boats, Trailers, Trucks, Campers, or Commercial Vehicles shall not be parked or maintained in the property. Article IX Covenants and Restrictions

Exterior Sound Systems that create noise beyond the property lines are prohibited. Westlake Homeowner Community Guidelines

Outdoor Storage of trash, building materials, equipment, garden supplies, etc. in unscreened areas is prohibited.

Westlake Homeowner Community Guidelines

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