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                                                                                      POLICY ON OPEN SPACES

Policy on open spaces owned by Westlake Homeowners Association
Westlake Homeowners Association owns and is charged with stewardship over three wooded tracts. The homeowners association is committed to maintaining these tracts in their natural state as open space for the following purposes:
1. Buffer zones between streets and housing.
2. Wildlife habitat and wildlife corridors.
3. Maintaining remnant of native ecosystem and native plants.

The board has established the following rules:
1. No depositing of grass clippings, yard debris, or trash is permitted.
2. Only planting of native species will be allowed, with permission of the Architectural Design and Review Board.
3. No construction in open spaces.
4. No cutting of trees in the open spaces except by the homeowners association when necessary to remove threat of trees or branches falling on homes.
5. No changes in grading or drainage except by the homeowners association in order to address problems homeowners are having with lack of drainage in their yards.
6. Himalayan blackberries and ivy may be removed by homeowners.

When it comes to the attention of the board that an encroachment has occurred, it is the duty of the board to require homeowners to remove exotic plants, remove irrigation, restore drainage, and restore grade to its prior condition. The board may also require replanting of the area with native plants.

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