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Open Space


Our open spaces are here for your enjoyment and for the beautification of our neighborhood. These open spaces are regulated by state and local governing agencies which work to ensure that these areas remain a sanctuary for wildlife and plant life. NO unauthorized plantings are allowed in our open spaces, please contact the Open Spaces Director listed on the Board of Directors section of this website with any questions or requests for changes to the Open Spaces.

Weed and Blackberry Removal
Blackberry Bushes and some other noxious weeds are encouraged to be removed and the board of directors works each year to spray these weeds. However, these weeds keep coming back faster than we can continue spraying them. If Blackberry's or other weeds are becoming a nuisance, homeowners are encouraged to pull them or cut them back behind their property. If you have any question as to whether a plant is a weed or a native plant which must not be disturbed, please contact the Open Spaces Director.

Note: TREE REMOVAL PERMIT for the Property lot has to be obtained trough the ADRC


News alerts will be posted here outlining any current work being undertaken in the open spaces and which tracts are being affected. For a map of the neighborhood showing the different "Tracts" of open space please download below.

The Board of Directors had our tree survey updated in 2015 and removed several trees which were deemed the highest level of hazardous by the arborist conducting the survey.

Map of Westlake Open Spaces
Woodland Restoration Project

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